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Our vessel, the BULLDOG, is a 36ft downeast vessel. Boasting a 12 ft beam, the BULLDOG has plenty of room to accommodate 6 anglers and 2 crew members. 


With a big forward cabin, we have a place to get out of the weather in case the Florida rain comes and everyone stays dry on the rides out and in. There is plenty of seating on the deck and inside the cabin to relax between fishing spots and if the weather's nice, the top deck fly bridge has seating to catch some sun and amazing views!!

There is a toilet onboard in case the need arises and we have a cooler for snacks and drink that we keep stocked with water for you!!

With her 375hp John Deere motor, the BULLDOG will get you out to the fishing grounds fast and comfortably. 

Having a large beam and a large keel, the BULLDOG sits very nicely in the water. A very stable fishing platform that makes fishing comfortable in all types of weather!!



More photos of the BULLDOG

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